Premium Home & Commercial Security

The extensive amount of time we’ve spent with Chicago home and business owners exposed the weaknesses and flaws of today’s security companies. Listening to our customers, we saw a common pattern. Careless, sloppy installation, outdated technology, notoriously bad service. 

Enter EOC Secure

Born out of necessity by EOC Audio, and created to give discerning home & business owners a premium security experience. Your family, house, and business are too important to leave in the hands of.... your cable provider. With the best line of security products available, thoughtful, precise installation, and unmatched service, EOC Secure plans and executes the ultimate defense against outside threats, completely customized for your needs.


Residential Home Alarms & Security


Commercial / Business Security


Total Fire Protection

Completely Turn Key, EOC Secure is the only call you need to make.

EOC Secure designs and builds a comprehensive security system for the maximum protection of the modern home and business. Constructing an integrated security system with EOC Secure that incorporates video, access control, alarm monitoring, smartphone integration and visitor management provides the ultimate platform in securing the well being of your loved ones and assets. 

EOC Secure is quickly becoming the recognized leader in the home & commercial security industry. From system design, engineering, and installation, to servicing security systems, and 24/7 monitoring, EOC Secure offers a full range of security services to our clients. Our technology, extensive training and expertise allow us to deliver the highest quality security systems and incredibly positive customer experiences.

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